Cultivator Tines


Cultivator tines are the original application possibility of spring tines. Take an intermediate position between the Schwergrubber which is mainly used for stubble cultivation and is equipped with rigid tines or wholesale spring tines and harrows for a seedbed. They are used on the one hand in second gear of stubble cultivation and on the other in the spring for stretching in the fall deeply processed by plow or cultivator soil. In addition to loosening the soil mechanical weed control is another important application-purpose.


Schwergrubber serve primarily to initial tearing of the soil after harvest. Accordingly, the devices will find a solid, compacted often by previous vehicular traffic and dried in the upper horizon soil, which places high demands on both the tension and the strength of the components.


We use to manufacture our culture harrow tines profiles in the dimensions 32 x 10 mm, 32 x 12 mm, 45 x 10 mm and 45 x 12 mm. Again, there are different designs and installation heights. The angle of the blade tip varies from flat to steep, and the installation height moves 380-450 mm. With the extremely steep salaried Schar intensive comminution to be achieved. This is especially important if the cultivator is to be used in the seedbed in the last operation. A special design is depicted in the photograph. Here the prongs has a clearly pronounced, rearward bulge above the coulter. There is to be caught by the crowd loosened and the earth current succeeded forming upward growth and are deposited on the soil surface is possibly present. This is the gain of weed control, because it is effected in this manner, that the fouling on the bottom surface is dried up and is prevented from re-stripping.


Schwergrubber be used both with rigid and with sprung tines. Here the cross sections found 45 x 12 mm, 50 x 13 mm, 60 x 12 mm and 70 x 12 mm application.


Due to high mechanical stress, the tines with smaller cross-sections are often equipped with an over- or reinforcing spring. The variety of designs is significantly smaller than the tines Gare harrow and cultural Egge. The coulters are generally on the handle and the installation height is 500 to 550 mm.