Harrow Tines


The group of harrow tines represents the smallest size of the spring tines.

They are used in the fine tillage. They differ in one part of the installation height and

on the other hand in the geometry. The material cross section is mostly 25 x 8 mm;

some prongs have a cross section of 32 x 10. The installation height is 250-340 mm.

Regarding the geometry there are two different versions:


the slow-acting tines, which are mostly located on the respective equipment in the front row,

Leveling the ground and to carry on handle prongs which attach to soil and mix.


The installation height is considerably smaller than in the culture harrow tines and therefore decisive for the clogging risk. This is a natural feature of lying on the soil surface organic matter,


as is customary in ploughless tillage, greater than in plowed soils.

Therefore devices with Gare harrow in conservation tillage are rarely encountered.