Soil Cultivation


"Strength lies in quality"


(Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)


The manufacturer of every single product; from the tines via the points up to and including the clamps is carried out true to this slogan. The quality of our products is defined by their durability and their practical suitability. The quality begins already with the purchase of the material.



Our quality LAMATOR tines you acknowledge the imprint " Made in Germany" with year .

This seal stands for the highest quality standards from the start of production to the finished product:




Certified special-purpose steel


  • continuous high-quality purchased
  • from long-term suppliers
  • no bargain purchase



Heat treatment


  • exactly defined heat control
  • high strength and simultaneously
  • high ductility





  • for the complete range of tines
  • strengthening by compaction
  • mattly shining surface
  • characteristic quality feature



High flexural strength


  • points in a distinctive V-form



High-quality clamps


  • LAMATOR clamps provide the tines a perfect support
  • A safe and exact position by an all-around envelopping
  • No shifting by tightening
  • No bulging by tightening
  • Planar support
  • No untightening even in the case of extreme oscillation



The point is supported in a precisely fitting position


  • The point is supported all over the length of seating
  • The bolt has a long lever at the lower end of the tine
  • No mechanical overloading of bolt and point while tilling even hard and stony soils
  • Even big tines need only one bolt
  • DIN-certified nuts with large spanner size
  • Low time exposure for replacing points